Group Buy Policy/FAQ

What is a group buy?

A group buy is a process in which several buyers join together to purchase a specific product in bulk for lower prices. The more buyers there are, the lower the cost of the item.

Who can host a group buy?

Anyone! Ideally the host of the group buy will be active on multiple platforms. The more places the host shares the group buy, the better chance for success. If the host wants to start a thread on their favorite forum, create and manage an active google doc, post in various social media groups, all are acceptable. It's totally up to the host how and where they promote their group buy.

What is the minimum order quantity for a group buy?

The minimum quantity for a group buy is 5 units.  I cannot produce in quantities of 4 or less.  5 to 9 units gets my items at their retail cost. 10+ units is where the discounts begin.

Where are the best places to host a group buy?

Forums, social media groups, local enthusiast groups, etc.

Is payment required to start a group buy?

No. Payment is not collected until the host has officially closed their group buy. Once a group buy has closed, a new listing will be created allowing each buyer to make secure payment for their item.

Can there be simultaneous group buys of the same item?

No, I will only allow one active group buy per item at any given time. If you reach out to start your own group buy and there's already an active group buy for that item, I will direct you to the host of the current group buy to get on their list.

Couldn't you (JJC LLC) just host the group buy?

Technically, yes, I could. Is it the best idea? No. Hosting my own group buy is self-promotion, which most forums do not allow unless I were to become a sponsor of said forum. To keep operating costs down, I currently do not sponsor any forums/groups and I do not intend on hosting any of my own group buys.

Does the group buy price include shipping and/or taxes?

No. Shipping costs will be charged in addition to the item price. The shipping cost will be determined at checkout and is based on package size and weight, thus it will vary depending on your location. I provide multiple shipping options via UPS or USPS. For buyers in the lower 48 states, my shipping costs are usually in the $8-$25 range on average. I do not make money on the shipping costs that are shown to you. The price you see covers the shipping itself and the necessary materials to package and ship your order securely.  If you're able to pick your order up in Leavenworth, KS, I will refund any shipping charges!

Taxes: Kansas residents are subject to sales tax. I do not collect sales tax for buyers in any other jurisdiction.

There is an opportunity for free shipping with your group buy order, refer to the next Q/A below!

Can I purchase Diode Dynamics products along with a group buy item?

Absolutely; in fact, I encourage it! Diode Dynamics makes some incredible lights and I'm very thankful to be apart of their Authorized Dealer network. For anyone in the lower 48 states who purchases a set of Diode Dynamics lights with their group buy item, I will cover the shipping costs for your order! This will come as refund equal to the cost of shipping paid after you've placed your order.  That's the easiest method for me at this time. If there's a Diode Dynamics' product that you don't see on my site, just let me know and I will get it added for you to complete your purchase.

Please note, due to minimum retail pricing requirements, any Diode Dynamics products will be excluded from further discounts aside from the Free Shipping offer. Group buy discounts will only apply to JJC LLC products.

What's the process for a group buy look like?
  • A host will set their desired quantity or duration goals
  • Once the minimum quantity has been met, or duration has passed, or the host/group just decides to wrap it up, the group buy will close
  • With the group buy closed, the host will provide me with the final numbers and I will create a listing for buyers to authorize secure payment
  • IMPORTANT: In order to start production, 80% of the buyers must make payment to me. Once 80% have placed their order, production officially begins
  • Orders will be fulfilled in just 2-3 weeks from the start of production

Example: Lets say you want to host a group buy and you've set a deadline of collecting as many orders as you can in a month's time.  One month has passed and you've collected 15 interested buyers.  If you (the host) are content with that number, you can close the group buy at 15.  If you'd like to keep it open in hopes of getting more orders, that's okay too but you will need to communicate that with your fellow buyers and ultimately do what's best for the group buy.  In this example, we'll say the host closes their group buy at one month with 15 orders.  The host informs me of the 15 orders and I create a listing for those 15 items at the agreed to price for buyers to make payment. Once 80% (so at least 12 people in this case) have paid, production will officially begin for the 15 units.  It's important for the host to inform buyers once the group buy is ready to purchase. Orders will begin to ship within 2-3 weeks of starting production for those who've paid. I will only keep the group buy listing open for 15 days. If one does not complete their purchase within 15 days, the group buy listing will close and any remaining items will be added to my stock inventory. The items can then be purchased at the full retail price and will now be available to anyone on a first come, first served basis. If you don't pay in a timely fashion, you forfeit the discounted pricing. Please do not get in on a group buy if you do not agree with the host's terms/item price.  If you do not agree to the host's terms, it is completely fine to communicate that with the host as they may be flexible and willing to adapt the group buy to best suit all interested parties. If you cannot come to an agreement with the host, I would strongly encourage you to just wait it out and simply start your own group buy once the current group buy has closed.  Back to that example of 15, if only 10 people have paid in that 15 day window and the group buy closes, the group buy in this case did not meet the minimum 80% as required for me to start production.  In this case, I will cancel the entire group buy and immediately refund those 10 who paid.  A new group buy can be started for those 10 right away, but pricing will need to increase to make that possible.  As you can see, it's critical that only serious buyers get in on these group buys.  Please don't ruin it for others if you're not a serious buyer.

Please also be realistic, if you're only interested in a product at that very discounted price that only comes with 25+ units, but a group buy struggles to reach 10 units; you might be better off to simply pay the extra and get in on the group buy at around 10 units.  Obviously I'd love to crank out group buys in those 25+ quantities but please understand that this is a very small market to begin with, it could take months to find 25 interested buyers in any one product.

Clear as mud?  I promise, it's really not that complicated, but if anyone has questions or wants to host a group buy of their own, please use the contact page of this site to get in touch with me. Thank you!

Why am I transitioning to this group buy model instead of keeping items in stock?

Honestly, there are a number of reasons but without going too far into the weeds, I'll just highlight the most critical components:

Small batch, USA manufacturing is not inexpensive.  Contrary to what a lot of folks have said to me about my own products, I actually have extremely slim margins on all of the products I've developed.  I've always welcomed others to produce the same type of items at or below my prices, I have yet to see anyone answer the call. Not only is this a tiny market, there just isn't a lot of margin in it to begin with. At least not without compromising on quality which I refuse to do.  Embarrassingly enough, I've also lost money on some recent transactions by simply attempting to liquidate the last few quantities of items that I've unfortunately had to discontinue. I will admit, I got in a little over my head coming up with so many different products in such a short amount of time. I've also had the realization that some of which may never sell, even at a loss.  Combine this with sales slowing quite a bit in recent months, it's just not a good use of my time or money to continue to produce and stock such small quantities of my products.
Scammers.  Back to that slim margin thing; an increasing amount of scammers has pretty much ruined this for me. I've made plenty of products over the years as well as engaged in various types of online sales but I've never experienced this many scammers until recent.  I really don't know if it's a part of the big picture of todays online sales or just a part of the Maverick community in general.  Two of the larger orders that I was recently scammed out of wiped out the small profits from close to twenty other orders each.  In some ways I get it, it is that ugly part of online sales.  Some have said it's just a loss to my business and I shouldn't sweat it. You can call it whatever you like but I still don't appreciate it and truly didn't account for this much of it. Filing Police and IC3 reports is not what I had in mind when I started all of this. My hope is that by only offering group buys, this will attract legitimate buyers who should have a little more skin in the game.

At the end of the day, I have to do what is best for myself and my family.  And right now, aside from completely closing up shop, this new direction is the most realistic approach that I can think of. I hope that by transitioning to a group buy business model I can avoid some of the major hurdles that I've encountered to date and can continue to offer my products to a community that I enjoy being a part of. This move also presents the opportunity to make my products more affordable, which I know many of you have inquired about.

Reflecting on this journey, I've had the opportunity of assisting over 250 Maverick owners in the customization of their vehicles, which I'm extremely grateful for. I really do appreciate those of you who've trusted me with your business!


Eligible group buy items and their respective pricing will be added to this page as they become available.

2022+ Ford Maverick Grille Light Brackets

Four Light Kit

5 to 9 units = $179.95/ea
10 to 14 units = $159.95/ea (11% discount)
15 to 19 units = $149.95/ea (17% discount)
20 to 24 units = $139.95/ea (22% discount)
25+ units = $129.95/ea (28% discount)

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2022+ Ford Maverick Grille Light Brackets

Two Light Kit

5 to 9 units = $124.95/ea
10 to 14 units = $109.95/ea (12% discount)
15 to 19 units = $99.95/ea (20% discount)
20 to 24 units = $89.95/ea (28% discount)
25+ units = $79.95/ea (36% discount)

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2022+ Ford Maverick Grille Light Brackets

Stealth Mount

5 to 9 units = $179.95/ea
10 to 14 units = $159.95/ea (11% discount)
15 to 19 units = $149.95/ea (17% discount)
20 to 24 units = $139.95/ea (22% discount)
25+ units = $129.95/ea (28% discount)

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